5 ways I am using self care to get through covid 19

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It has been almost 4 weeks of the official lock down in Lagos, I started out telling myself, maybe it will give me sometime to plan myself, maybe rest a bit and hopefully before I know it, the lock down would be over.
By the 2nd week I was done with the resting and eating. Lol 😁! Not ready to change my wardrobe because of my new eating habits.
I then found myself beginning to worry, slowly getting into a mood which I needed to get out of.
So here is what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks to help me stay positive and wade through the covid season.
You can try them too!

1. Get moving πŸ‘Ÿ

Get outside, whether it is for a jog or just a walk around your compound, exercise is not just for your physical body but helps your mental and emotional health. I spend my 1st hour awake, walking around my compound, sometimes I am listening to a podcast, sometimes I am praying, other times I am just reflecting on life generally.


2. Make an effort to look good

Even if you have nowhere to go, wear something nice, put on some makeup, it helps to create some form of normalcy and if you at working from home, keeps you in a work frame of mind.

Dashiki set

3 Have a pamper session

Block out some "me-time" ,Put on a face mask, soak in a bath or just do your Mani -Pedi.
You will find yourself relaxing more and being less anxious.
So I did a quick search on Pinterest for nail trends and tried a new nail work myself.
Achieving that albeit not as smooth as a professional job made me smile and the color was mood enhancing.

As seen on Pinterest

My version 😁😁😁😁

4 Get creative

Try out a new recipe, bake something delicious, I tried out a new banana muffin recipe this week, I also did a virtual photoshoot, (ever heard of that)

I had the photographer call in via WhatsApp video call and direct the photoshoot using my phone and a tripod stand.

How did we do?

Jersey co-ord set

Don’t allow the lockdown limit what you can do or achieve.

5.keep looking forward

There is so much power in looking forward and visualizing, prayers help me to keep hopeful knowing that this too will end and I will be better for it at the end of it all.

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  • NK balogun on

    This is such a cute message! Thanks for sharing your coping strategies with your clients! I strongly hope we get out of this fast. I am praying too!

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