•  As of February 2020, you, the user, can gain points on purchases made directly from the Design for love website (www.buydfl.com) or at our physical stores. You can earn loyalty points on each purchase only if you have registered an account on the Design for love website or you are signed up as an email subscriber. We, Design for love, have authority and management over awarding loyalty points and the total loyalty points a user can have/ use at one time.

  • You must have an account or be an email subscriber in order to earn and redeem loyalty points. You can start earning loyalty points from your first purchase with an account. Points will be added to your account automatically.

  • Points are earned only on full-priced items on the website or in-store. you earn 15k points for every 15,000 Naira spent. 

  • Once you have accumulated 150,000 points, you get to 15,000 naira back to redeem on your next purchase.

  • Points can only be redeemed in batches of 15,000 Naira per transaction.
  • Once your 15,000 naira voucher is redeemed, any amount left unused in the voucher is canceled
  • Points will not be assigned during any sales promotion.

  • Points will not be assigned to delivery charges.

  • Loyalty points do not have any cash value and cannot be used or exchanged for money. You can also not transfer your points to anyone else.

  • Any awarded loyalty points will be deducted from your account if you wish to refund or cancel your purchase.

  •  All account holder’s loyalty points will expire and be forfeited 24 months from their original earned date.