How to Measure Yourself Correctly and Get Your Right Size When Shopping for Clothes Online

Online clothing shopping can be enjoyable and convenient, but it can also be hard to find the right size for you. Unlike in-store purchasing, you cannot try the clothing on before making a purchase, and various brands use various sizing guidelines. Because of this, it's crucial to accurately measure oneself and compare the results with the size guides offered by online vendors. Here are some tips to help you accurately measure yourself and select the appropriate size when buying clothing online.

Prior to beginning, put on light, fitting clothing and minimally padded pants. This will prevent bulky or loose garments from distorting your measurements. You might also want to wear the bra you generally wear every day.

  1. Get a soft measuring tape.


The most accurate tool for measuring yourself at home is a soft measuring tape or tailor’s tape². If you don’t have one, you can measure yourself without a soft measuring tape by using a piece of string or ribbon instead (make sure it’s not stretchy) then measuring the string with a ruler or builder's tape measure².


  1. Take your bust, waist, and hip measurements.


To determine your size for most of the clothing, you'll mostly need to take these three measures. Observe these instructions on how to measure them.

  • BUST- The widest part of your chest is what is meant by the bust measurement. Unless you are expressly shopping for a bra or a piece of clothing you'll wear braless, it is advisable to keep your bra on for the measurement. Lift your arms, then wrap the measuring tape straight across both nipples under your armpits.


  • WAIST- Most size charts use the term "waist" to describe your natural waist, which is different from where your belly button is. To locate your natural waist, stand straight up while bending side to side to locate where the body divides into 2 Wrap the measuring tape in a straight line at this point and get your waist.


  • HIP- Another difficult area to measure is the hips. Contrary to popular belief, your hip measurement is across your widest point of your butt, not just at your hip bones. Make sure your feet are straight beneath your hips and not spread apart for an accurate measurement.


  1. Measurement should be firm.


Keep your body level and the measuring tape parallel to the floor while you take your own measurements. The tape should be comfortable, but not too tight, for precise measurements. You can stick a finger in to check for minimal comfortable ease.

  1. Match your measurement with the retailer`s size chart.


When shopping online, the size chart should be the first thing you look for. The bust, waist, and hip measurements that correspond to sizes are listed by clothing brands in inches or centimetres. It's advisable to check the measures that corresponds closest. Brands base their sizing on different scale, depending on their target market.

  1. Consider the fabric.

The clothing's material is another thing to consider. You might wish to size up or down in accordance with how much certain fabrics will stretch or shrink. Adire cotton brocade for instance doesn’t stretch so this should be considered when choosing the size needed.

  1. Size up when in doubt or contact customer service.

It is preferable to size up rather than down if you are still undecided about what size to order. Clothing that is too big may always be altered or returned, but clothing that is too small may not fit at all or be uncomfortable to wear. If you have any queries or worries about the sizing or return policy of the online vendor, you can also get in touch with customer care. Based on your measurements and preferences, they might be able to provide you with advise or recommendations that are more detailed.


I did a video, you can watch on how to take your measurements, no need to visit a tailor to get measured properly. i hope this helps you find clothes that fit you well and make you feel confident. Happy shopping! 😊

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