Body Type: The Pros and Cons... (2)

Having described body shapes and measurements, I am sure we are all curious to know the specific outfits to wear to fit our body types.

In that case, I will be giving examples of outfits that suite each body shape from Design for Love's collections.

The Apple Body Type, known to be top heavy with bigger bust and mid stomach should focus on taking attention away from the upper part of the body and depositing it on the lower part. That is, since this body type boasts of slimmer legs and thighs, voluminous pants and skirts should become a major option. Tone down the shoulders and upper body by wearing simple blouses and tops that has minimal designs. Rather, wear heavy designs that run from the waistline downwards.

The 3/4 pleated skirt is a perfect example of what an Apple shaped woman should have in her wardrobe; and should be paired with a casual top or shirt.

The Black Velvet Pants also adds volume to the thigh and leg area, hiding how slim they are to match the top heavy build.

Cozy shift dresses should also be put into consideration, like the peter pan shift dress and the mixed print ankara shift dress, as they have pronounced bottom part designs that is just right to add volume to the lower body of an Apple body shape.

Sleeveless tops and dresses should also be a staple when making wardrobe choices.

The Rectangle/Straight Body Type has little or no curves. Therefore, its best to create an illusion of curves with skinny jeans, pants and sexy cut dresses.

The bubble peplum top is ideal for this body type as it creates an illusion of curves with the belt cinching at the waistline. The flower embellished ankara jacket is an appropriate outfit for this body type when paired with a snug camisole and skinny jean. Ankara side pleated skirt is also a good wear with a sexy cut as well as the Organza pocket shift dress.

''If you have got it, flaunt it'' is a saying attached to people who have a Pear or Hourglass shape.

The Pear Body Shape can wear anything and everything; ranging from straight pants to jeans, dresses, skirts and heavily embellished or pronounced blouses. This body type should consider going for outfits that makes all the curves noticeable and endearing. 

However, since this body type tend to appear slimmer at the top than the bottom, outfits that are heavily designed at the top should be given great consideration.

Dramatic tops like the 4 flared sleeves ankara top, 3 steps sleeves blouse, the bubble peplum top, silk iro and buba, the Japanese jacket and the black ruffle top should be a part of the pear body type's wardrobe.

For dresses, varieties can be considered, ranging from the victorian shift dress, joke shift dress and straight cut pants should be a staple.

Like the Pear, the Hourglass can also throw on anything except bulky shapeless clothes.

Shapely cuts,V-neck dresses or tops will accentuate the curve from the bust area down to the slim waistline and wide hips, a perfect example of what the ankara bustier wrap top would do. The ankara rushed dress is an outfit that will best bring out the fit of an hourglass body type and also make the sexy perfect legs of this body shape noticeable.

Generally, hourglass body types are adviced to wear pencilled cut dresses and skirts like the blue burnout pencil dress, the mint green tulle dress, the wine velvet lace dress and every other type of pallazo, straight, skinny pants and skirts.

Now that you know your body type and what to wear to fit it, the next step to being glamorous is to go shopping


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