Where to Visit, What to Eat and What to Wear this Christmas

Merry Christmas ! I am excited its almost the beginning of another year.

To make the festivity more fun for those of us that will be celebrating within the country, it is an absolute pleasure to give you ideas on how to enjoy and make the most out of this season. Therefore, i have come up with interesting things to do so as to enjoy the holidays.

I believe many would want a change of scenery away from home to have fun with family and friends, So I have selected 5 exquisite places to visit for nerve relaxing short vacations.

The Tinapa Resort - Located in the Calabar Tree Trade zone, the Tinapa boasts of a Casino, Children's Arcade, an Amphitheater, a Digital Cinema likewise wholesale and retail outlets for shopping. It does sound like being in Vegas.

Next on my list is the Abraka Turf and Country Club located in Delta state. The Abraka Turf has first class accommodation/catering service to make a tourist feel warm and welcome in a way that suits different budgets. And if you wouldn't mind horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and swimming in the clear Ethiope River? Then this is a place to be.

The Obudu Ranch Resort is another option to consider for lovers of nature and serenity. Horseback riding, night club, bonfires, golf course and water parks sound adventurous and so much fun.

Meanwhile, the Wonderland Amusement Park in Abuja is the cut for roller-coaster rides. Best place to visit with the family to make the adrenaline do a tupsy-turvy. I think rides and arcade is a way to get all geared up and excited this Christmas. Wooh !

The Oguta Lake Resort is full of rides, boat cruises, golf course, lodging and accommodation, restaurant, recreational park and a twist which comes in the confluence of the Oguta lake's blue colour and the mud coloured Ulasi river. Situated in Owerri, Imo State, both the lake and the river maintain their individual colours regardless of how much they are put together. Hmmm... some mystery and adventure to experience this Christmas.

If a vacation sounds stretchy and consuming, Consider attending some of the events being listed below to enjoy funfair;

Christmas Carnivalance - An all access Christmas party featuring treasure hunts, photo booth, lucky dips, Santa experience room, music and dance. Live on Christmas eve, 24th December, 2018 from 9 am to 9 pm.

Venue- 11 Admiralty Road, off Admiralty way, Lekki 1.

City of Davido Concert- A live musical performance by Davido and other supporting artistes on the 27th December 2018 at the Ocean View Grounds, Eko Hotel, Plot B, Victoria Island, Lagos.. Tickets available at nairabox.com.

The Lagos Christmas Market is located at lRJ 9, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Ikoyi and runs from December 14 through January 2nd from 5  pm to 11pm daily. Tagged ''Everything Edible, Fashionable and in between''.

Deliberating on where and what to eat this season? Give yourself a treat to the finest restaurants and finest foods there is by visiting;

The Hard Rock Cafe- Usually a pick when it comes to top notch restaurants that deliver quality. Enjoy the macaroni and cheese served, carrot cake, the hickory smoked barbecue and Cesar salad. With live band performances every Thursday night, Hard Rock Cafe is a place to spend your evenings this season.

Lighthouse Restaurant, Lekki, is regarded as the home of tasty Spanish cuisines. The Paella and Sangria dish prepared by the Spanish Chef, Maria, is the most talked about meal. Prepared every Thursdays, the Paella and Sangria is a combination of Spanish rice, saffron, chicken, seafood and other Spanish recipes cooked and served in a large shallow pan.

Pastries and baked goodies are a common food during festivity. And to be on the right track on where to get varieties, I am recommending Breadlounge_Ng located on the popular Fola Osibo road, Lekki 1 and Mayson Kayser Nigeria located at 864A Bishop Aboyade Cole, Victoria Island. Food recommendation from Mayson is the artisanal handmade natural bread, Italian gelato and french bistro dishes of the fresh baguette, mille-feulle, a la framboise.  For Breadlounge, i'd want you to have a taste of their freshly baked banana bread which is a blend of bananas and chocolate chips alongside their spicy Suya buns.

Everything to make your Christmas and New Year celebrations colorful are the places to visit and incredible dishes to munch on and indulge in. To complete the jolly mood, get amazing outfits to rock all outings during the festivity. A peep through DFL's Christmas Catalogue has me back with these 5 trendy outfits to invest in this season;

The Green Sequined Sleeveless shift dress is both glamorous and chic and can be rocked to any of the events scheduled for evening time.

Another outfit to wear to any of these events is the Wine Velvet Lace Dress. An ideal party wear as well as an outfit suitable for a date night.

The Blue and Yellow Ankara Fringe Dress is also an ideal festive wear. From the colourful combination of the Ankara print to the sequin and the fringe. You have found for yourself a complete attire.

Now, imagine pairing an Ankara top with a pair of skinny denim or plain skirt and classy pumps to match. The 4 Flared Sleeves Ankara Top has got all the works and is the perfect option for this combination. A dramatic yet beautiful top made from trendy colorful Ankara fabric.

Finally, you can kill two birds with one stone by owning this Mint Green Sequin Tulle Dress. This dress is all sorts; can be your church wear, party wear, date wear and even work wear. The smug sexy cut makes it an ideal outfit for an informal and formal setting, while the mint green colour tones down the paparazzi of the sequin to give it an ''all occasion'' dress option.

Its time to relax after  the hardwork through the year. Have Fun, Go out, Party and Own fabulous new outfits !

Happy 2019 in Advance !




Written By: Moshood Adejoke

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