What To Pack For A Weekend Getaway: How to Pack Light.

Sleepovers, hangouts, vacations and getaways are a neon spark of life.

There is a huge fulfilment that comes from going away for a little bit of tipsy fun and just doing outrageously adventurous exercises, or better still sleeping off with no chores and a host of service workers at your beck and call.

It can be so relaxing doing something totally different from working, shouting at the kids (if you have any) or bothering about how to put life, family, career and every other thing in place. Sometimes having time to oneself with no worries whatsoever can be what we need to reset our systems back to factory settings.

And no matter what kind of little holiday you want to embark upon, how exotic or normal the venue is; it is important to make due plans of what to go with to avoid getting stuck with what you do not need and having none or little of what you need.

This can be exhilarating, especially if you are like me ''The Heavy Parker''. The fear of not having everything I need when I am out, makes me squeeze anything I find handy and interesting into my luggage. Therefore, leaving me saddled with the responsibility of dragging my feet with a bunch of loads to commute. 

Over the years, I have battled knowing exactly what I will be needing and usually end up doing the worse of my situation until now. I really used to envy those ''light parkers'' who seem to know what they need because no one likes to show up at a sleepover or mini vacation with a baggage of luggage while every other person present is hanging on a little handbag or two. The weird looks can be unending!

The solution to the problem is making an adequate list of the essentials needed. This way, you don't miss out on the important stuff and you are satisfied in the long run. Although it is crucial to pack slightly more than what you will need but do not overdo it.

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First, you need to determine what you will be needing by going through your daily routine and observing the very important things you do every day. Make a list to serve as a guideline so you don't pack too much or too less. You can easily cross out the not so important things off your list to create more balance.

For a weekend getaway, a small carry-on suitcase is enough to fill your clothing and other items that require space. While a smaller bag or backpack should house your immediate necessities ranging from toiletries to books and electronics (like chargers, power banks and earphone plugs).

Avoid moving with more than two bags because it is only a weekend getaway and not a one-month long holiday. This way you feel lighter and more organized; and if you would be flying, a bag and maybe a little extra will save you from spending extra checked luggage fees.

Meanwhile, do not forget to put shopping into consideration if you would be visiting a mall, as there is every tendency of buying one or two things and you do not want to start having a headache on where to put them; so beforehand, create an extra space for extra items (if you would be shopping) and if not, good for you.

Everyday Essentials

Toothbrush (include together with toothpaste).

Sponge and soap (use a small soap case).

Your body lotion and other beauty products that do not take so much space. Except if it is life or beauty threatening, you do not need to go with every of your junky beauty product to avoid clustering.

Jewellery- The basics and not a whole trunk. Even the basic pieces of jewellery are duly required only if you will be attending an important function or event.

Shoes- The one you are wearing and one extra (depends on what you would be doing during the getaway). You could pack some flip flops if you will not be staying in a hotel to make bathroom duties easier.

Underwear- The one you are wearing and two extra. Use your discretion to pack them if you are on your cycle.

A dress (if you would be attending an affair). Otherwise, jeans to make you feel smarter. Two pairs of t-shirts are enough to go with your jeans.

Makeup- If you would be needing it. But do not go with a whole box, do with the minimum (except if you would be attending a grand affair with no makeup artiste on standby)

Sunglasses if it is during the summer.

A cardigan/sweater- (if it's cold out there). This can be worn from home during the course of the journey.

Do not forget your phone chargers, power banks and earphones as they will come in really handy. And if you will be having a road trip, you can take a car charger along to save you from having a low battery, with a road map if you are not familiar with the routes that lead to your destination.

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Also include your face wipes, a pen and a jotter (to take down notes if needed). A book you love to read to make your journey much more interesting especially if it will be a long one.

Make sure you have enough data and airtime to connect with home and a good service provider so you can be accessed via your mobile. If travelling abroad, put your phone on aeroplane mode during the flight and turn on your wifi once you get to your destination to avoid paying heavy roaming charges. If you will be staying in a hotel, remember to make reservations ahead and leave the contact details of where you will be staying with the people at home (in a case of an emergency and you are unreachable). 

Remember to go with cash and debit cards (but make a plan of how much you want to spend so you don't over do it). Change your local currency if you will be going abroad; do this at the airport so it is easy to make cab payments or get basic things before arriving your destination. And if there will be someone coming over to pick you, inform them of your flight schedules so you don't keep each other waiting. Afterwards, wait in an open place where it is easy to locate you.

Outfits to consider from Design for Love's Collection.

Since we would be doing more of jeans and maybe a dress. I have selected a few blouses, a jacket and a dress to make for an interesting combination.

1. Tafetta with Bow Velvet Top

A casual top to go with the jean.

2.Peplum tie top

Dressy yet casual and all-around fashion statement.

3. Blue Cotton Fringe Top

Have a different casual look with your denim down.

4. Embellished Collar Jacket

For a casual yet trendy outing. This doesn't make you overdressed or underdressed.

5. Wine Velvet Lace Dress

Most appropriate for a nice evening dinner, event or an interesting function.

Now, you can go ahead to have your fun and include whatever necessary not bulky things I might have forgotten to mention.

Have a fun-filled getaway!









Written by: Moshood Adejoke



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