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In the Spirit of Christmas, Santa is stocking his gift house just as you should be stocking yours too. Therefore, I have come up with fabulously interesting ideas for us to get for our family, friends and acquaintances this season.

We should remember that it is quite important to make a statement while gifting out our boxes this year. We all enjoy seeing surprise and admiration on the faces of our loved ones, especially if such expressions are borne out of love!

This Christmas, i have gone snooping through DFL's Christmas  look book to give us all exciting gift ideas to shop for. It is interesting that we have a gift idea for every member of your household, friends and colleagues.

DFL releases its first ever Aso-Oke Vintage Clutches with embellishments  ranging from Gold motifs to Flower motifs and other quirky fanciness . The K.O Vintage Clutch can be the perfect gift for our mothers and mothers-in-love this Christmas as they are prone to appreciate the quality of the older generation Aso-Oke. Double-up on this gift by getting one for the sisters and friends or probably the bosses at work.

K. O vintage clutchK. O vintage clutchK. O vintage clutchK. O vintage clutchK. O vintage clutch

Meanwhile, it's  a new era of Laptop bags and DFL has produced varieties of which we can select for the gents as well...

Sweet secret, if you would be going on a vacation with the sweetheart, ''The Travelers'' bag is an ideal gift for the hubby to go on vacay with. 


The Mix-match ankara clutch   is another great gift! it's 9500 naira so no need to break the bank. It's a creative mix of lace, Ankara and ASO OKE which would make a much loved gift to your bffs. Not forgetting the Aracelli Bag, Clutches and Tote bags for our sisters, female colleague  and ourselves inclusive.



It is important to pamper ourselves at the spa and saloon after working round the clock the whole year. Finish off the new polished look with new outfits from Design For Love's Christmas collection.

A perfect gift for yourself this season is the Long Fringe Skirt and the Burnout Japanese Jacket for Thanksgiving Service in Church.

or something to groove in, would be this all black ensemble 

To crown it all, you can request for your gifts to be gift wrapped and delivered at a small fee.

Since Christmas is just 20 days away.. then it's about time we get shopping !



Written By: Moshood Adejoke

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